MTA Stairs Repair at 67th Avenue Station on Queens Boulevard Line (IND)

Locations Forest Hills, NY 11375
Completion Date July 1, 2023

Contract No. A37737: Stair Repairs S2, M2, M3A/B, S3, M5 at 67th Ave Station on Queens

Boulevard Line (IND), in the Borough of Queens


At the apex of the construction industry, High Point Construction Group Corp. stands as a towering example of excellence, integrity, and unyielding quality. With decades of combined experience, our team’s craftsmanship soars above the rest, making us a trusted partner in large-scale infrastructure projects.


Proven Expertise:

Our recent triumph, the comprehensive stair repairs at the 67th Avenue Station, is a testament to our high-caliber proficiency. We tackle complex projects with precision, a testament to our talented team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals who bring visionary structures to life.


Dedication to Quality:

Our commitment to constructing enduring legacies is evident in every layer of concrete we lay and every steel beam we secure. Clients trust High Point Construction Group Corp. because we build not just for the present but for the sustainability of future generations.


Safety and Reliability:

Our impeccable safety record is as solid as the structures we build. We navigate the intricacies of urban construction with a safety-first approach, ensuring compliance with all regulations and peace of mind for our clients and the communities we serve.


Client Confidence:

Major organizations like the MTA choose High Point Construction Group Corp. for our unwavering dependability and our ability to deliver on time and within budget. Our clients rest easy knowing that their projects are in the most capable hands.


Innovative Solutions:

We are at the forefront of incorporating cutting-edge techniques and materials, which allows us to overcome even the most formidable construction challenges. Our innovative mindset is a cornerstone of our operations, setting us apart as leaders in the field.


Your Project, Our Mission:

When you entrust your project to High Point Construction Group Corp., you’re not just hiring a contractor; you’re partnering with a leader in the industry. We transform your vision into a towering reality, standing tall and proud upon the skyline of achievements.


Elevate Your Expectations with High Point Construction Group Corp.:

For your next project, choose a company that not only meets expectations but transcends them. Contact us and experience the pinnacle of construction excellence.

MTA Stairs Repair at 67th Avenue Station on Queens Boulevard Line (IND)

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