P.S. 013 Clement C. Moore

Locations 55-01 94th St, Queens, NY 11373
Completion Date May 15, 2023

High Point Construction Group Corp has been instrumental in the extensive renovation and structural improvements of PS 013 in Queens, NY. Our team’s commitment to excellence has been evident through every phase of this project, from enhancing the school’s resilience to natural elements to modernizing its infrastructure.

Our skilled professionals at High Point Construction Group Corp undertook the following tasks with diligence and expertise:


  • Earthwork: preparing and stabilizing the ground, setting the stage for a secure and lasting structure.
  • Exposed Porous Asphalt Paving and Aggregate Base: Implementing innovative paving solutions for improved water drainage and environmental compliance.
  • Cast-in-Place Concrete: Pouring and shaping concrete on-site for various structural components, ensuring durability and strength.
  • Concrete Work at Areaways: Enhancing the functionality and safety of Areaways with meticulously crafted concrete work.

Project Execution:

Adhering to the highest standards, our team at High Point Construction Group Corp tackled each task with precision and sustainable practices. Our contribution to the project included crucial structural work that not only improved the aesthetics but also the functional longevity of the building.


Safety and Quality Control:

Throughout the project, High Point Construction Group Corp maintained a strict safety protocol, ensuring the well-being of our team and the students of PS 013. Quality control was a continuous process, with rigorous checks to maintain our high standards.


Challenges and Solutions:

The project had its set of challenges, particularly with the intricate masonry and specialized flood elimination requirements. Our team’s problem-solving abilities led to innovative solutions that kept the project on track without compromising the integrity of the structure.


Customer and client feedback:

Our work has been met with commendation from J&N Construction Group Corp. and the administration of PS 013. Our attention to detail and superior quality of work have been highlighted as key factors in the project’s success.



At High Point Construction Group Corp., we pride ourselves on our contribution to building safer and more sustainable educational environments. The PS 013 project stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional construction services.




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P.S. 013 Clement C. Moore

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