NYCDEP Queens Repair Spoil Pad

Locations 106-36 180th St. Queens, NY 11433
Completion Date 3/22/2023

Project Overview:

At High Point Construction Group Corp., we’re excited to display our participation in the critical NYCDEP Queens Repair Spoil Pad project. Our team delivered comprehensive construction and engineering services, emphasizing environmental safety and efficiency.

Scope of Work:

Our duties were under the full-time direction of Mr. Sadaqat Ali, and they included:

Site Management: initiating mobilization, MPT setup, site preparation, and maintenance.

Infrastructure Installation: Executing the relocation of propane gas pads, establishing CLF base walls with sleeves, and setting up intricate drainage structures and piping systems.

Concrete Services: Construct robust concrete footings, walls, pads, ramps, sidewalks, and curbs. This also involved the demolition of old structures and the building of new foundations.

Metal Works: Fabricating and installing metal structures for truck stoppers, light pole bases, metal plates at the spoil pad area, and metal bollards.

Electrical Engineering: Managing electrical rough-in work, installing light poles, and ensuring proper connections for new storm systems.

Environmental Management: Skillfully installing SWPPP structures to maintain environmental integrity, which is crucial for the project’s sustainability.

Finalization and Restoration: Conducting grading and soil management to prepare the site aesthetically and functionally, followed by asphalt restoration as per DEP directives.

Project Execution:

Our team adeptly met and overcame numerous challenges, such as additional excavation needs and relocations, demonstrating our adaptability and commitment to project success.

Environmental Stewardship:

High Point Construction Group Corp. is committed to environmental excellence, ensuring all activities meet stringent environmental protection standards.


The work done at the NYCDEP Queens Repair Spoil Pad exemplifies High Point Construction Group Corp.’s dedication to delivering high-quality construction services. Our contribution to this project underscores our expertise in managing complex, environmentally sensitive construction tasks.

For expert construction services that meet the highest standards of quality and environmental safety, connect with High Point Construction Group Corp.

NYCDEP Queens Repair Spoil Pad

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