Brevoort Houses Roma Scaffolding Metal Work

Locations 296 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233

Brevoort Houses: Roofing Replacement and Rooftop Structure Renovation

Project Owner: New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

Contractor: High Point Construction Group Corp.

Contract No.: RF1832681

Development: Brevoort Houses

Project Overview:

High Point Construction Group Corp. is honored to collaborate with Roma Scaffolding on a pivotal project for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) at Brevoort Houses. Our role as a subcontractor in this extensive roofing replacement and rooftop structure renovation project underscores our commitment to enhancing public housing facilities.

Scope of Work:

Our involvement encompasses a broad spectrum of tasks critical to the project’s success:

Roofing Replacement: Comprehensive overhaul of the existing roofing structures, ensuring enhanced durability and safety for residents.

Sidewalk Shed Installation: Setup of various sizes of sidewalk sheds for safety during the renovation process.

Tree Protection: Implementation of measures to protect surrounding greenery, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Concrete and Masonry Work: Extensive concrete restoration and masonry, including wall reconstruction and new brick veneer installations.

Metal Fabrication: Installation of essential steel components, such as pipe rails, metal mesh, and structural beams.

Thermal and Moisture Protection: Advanced roofing system installation for effective moisture protection.

Finishing Touches: Installation of new doors and frames, and painting to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Plumbing Upgrades: Efficient replacement and installation of roof drains and storm piping.

Project Impact:

This project at Brevoort Houses is a significant contribution to NYCHA’s efforts to improve living conditions and infrastructure reliability. High Point Construction Group Corp. is proud to play a crucial role in this endeavor, bringing our expertise in large-scale residential renovation to the forefront.


High Point Construction Group Corp.’s participation in the Brevoort Houses project is a testament to our dedication to transforming residential spaces and enhancing the quality of life for NYCHA residents.

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Brevoort Houses Roma Scaffolding Metal Work

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